Testimonianza B. C.

– Before coming to this my feeling were beyond impatience, and had constant thoughts about using cocaine, I was very moody and was always on edge of snapping.
– Going to past groups and councilors didn’t have a very long lasting outcome after or during because the communication between us wasn’t easy talking to, or interesting, wasn’t a permanent or long enough treatment. Connection wasn’t strong or relatable.
– Expectations honestly was more along. It won’t make a difference, didn’t believe it would change me at all because nothing else had my first reactions after week one was actually a change for once, patience started coming back. Straighter thoughts less random excitement was starting to gain hope and I had interest into TMS because the changes were noticeable enough for me to start being happy and less addicted.
– My feelings I can describe to who ever is reading this is AMAZING I feel normal I didn’t believe I’d be able to find my old self ever again, It’s unbelievable I feel 100% my patience is back thoughts of coke doesn’t even face me we excitement or care. The way the team treated me was fantastic! So nice and friendly it made me want to come everyday and helped me so much positive thoughts, I’m from Canada, here in Padova no friends just my mother, and I can fully become it for 100% full help. It over came my strong powered addiction to cocaine and can say this treatment and environment is the best suitable for anyone with addiction they cant conquer themselves.