Testimonianza G. P.

I was consuming cocaine 2 days before treatment started in Padova (Villa Maria).
In Germany the normal treatment was stationary in clinic for minimun 8 weeks, so that was not suitable for me because of my work in practice.
In Germany I had my weekly ambulant psychiatric appointment that di not help me. I was consuming nearly weekly.
Before the TMS treatment I was little afraid of anknown side effects or complications because I was not informed properly.
During the first week I felt already a loss of desiders leaving for the substance. My situation today is much stable and I have nomore craving or thoughts about the substance.
I am very confident and happy about my assistance and treatment by my two psychologists (Dr. Giulia and Deborah)
This treatment will in my eyes help many addictive person/patients who have cocaina drug abusement
It helped me a lot. I changed my life and found a way of living without drugs.